About Us

Launched in July 2017 Traenerhus is a new concept in co-working based in Hull’s old town

Firstly, we have a studio space where our team of 12 local artists and makers run workshops and courses.

Second, we have an art and gift shop providing space for local makers to sell their work. We now have over 50 local makers selling through us.

Finally, our co-working space is where we, well, work. We have 9 co-workers at the Traenerhus all contributing to its running and upkeep.

All 3 elements combine to fund the building and offer local artists and makers a hub where they can make, sell and teach their skills to others, providing a holistic, collaborative and supportive environment to artists and crafters alike to run their small businesses be they beginners or more experienced.

We receive no funding from external sources and are working towards a totally sustainable model of development. Every penny we raise from our activities is ploughed back into the Traenerhus to keep it going and support new projects and ideas.

Contact us below if you would like more info or to get involved.



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