Our dedicated team of volunteers not only helped to set the place up but keep it ticking over day in and day out. From looking after the shop, painting, merchandising, cleaning, setting up the gas bill, you name it, they’ve done it and continue to keep Traenerhus going.

A million thanks to them in no particular order:-


  • Debbie Robinson, The (real) boss
  • Ellie Hardy, In charge of everything else
  • Nadine Storrer, Official Photographer
  • Nicola Lambert, Business Administration
  • Gary Crossman, The Friday Team
  • Katia Sadilova, Media & Tip Top Sweeping

And special thanks to our special helpers & supporters:-

  • Rita Pataky, Chris Snell, Mike Gaden, Rupert Harrison, Courtney Farrow, Sam Porter, William Zunder, Bill (Arctic Corsair), Fiona Caley, Jason
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