Our Makers & Artists

Rebecca Addinell

Professional Procraftinator, Artist, Mother, Magpie and Maker of stuff. With an astounding ability to
“collect” crafting supplies and use them with varying degrees of success, Rebecca has a love of creating and a desire to share that with others.
Rebecca has been making and creating in unusual ways since she was a child.  

Making jewellery and accessories for a number of years using varying methods and materials including Swarovski crystal, silver clay, silk flowers and even feathers. 

Other “collected” craft skills range from fabulous felting and creating prints with natural dyes to getting imaginative with everyday recycled materials.
As well as her love of craft, Rebecca has a BA Hons in Fine Art, HNC in Event Design and Management, an overwhelming capacity for Tea and cake and profound dislike of writing about herself in the third person.

Pru Todd – Basketry & Printmaking

Rebecca Addinell 

Wieneke Rudolfj – Goldsmith, Copper, Enamel & Metalwork

Debbie Robinson – Crochet, Macrame & Mixed Media

Helen Robinson – Jeweller

Alwyn Gittens – Weaver

Alison Slack – Alison Slack is a multi-disciplinary artist, having completed the Masters of Fine Art print media program at Concordia University in Montreal. Her work ranges from traditional print making to exploring new media and contemporary performance art. Alison has exhibited in Canada, the States, U.K., Sweden, and Berlin.