Wednesday & Friday afternoons

Starts 27th Jan 2021

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Week 1 – Loosening up.

  • Session1 – Quick fun drawing exercises to warm up. Eg: wrong hand, continuous line, blind contour drawing, Haiku drawing, automatic drawing, coffee stains/ink blot drawing, oil pastel mono print drawings. A mixture of demo and doing.
  • Session 2 – Mixed media imaginary creatures. A method using automatic drawing and any dry or water-based layer (using coloured pencil, aquarelle crayon, acrylic or water colour) with oil pastel on top to finish. Guided work..

Week 2 – Still life/flowers

  • Session 3 – Drawing from still life and best composition tricks. Guided drawing.
  • Session 4 – Painting from still life and acrylic paint techniques. Guided tuition.

Week 3 – Portraits

  • Session 5 – Looking at the Loomis method and drawing from a photograph. A mixture of demo and drawing.
  • Session 6 – Drawing each other, taking it in turns to pose.

Week 4 – Colour

  • Session 7 – Using colour to it’s best advantage and basic colour theory.  Make a painting inspired by Kandinski.
  • Session 8 – Warm and cold, saturated (intense) and de-saturated (muted). Create a page of small abstract paintings.

Week 5 – Looking at the masters.

  • Session 9 – Discussing and drawing from work in the National Gallery. The Renaissance period.
  • Session 10 – Discussing and painting from work in the National Gallery.  The Baroque period.

Week 6 – Mark-making and texture.

  • Session 11 – Experimenting with different mark making tools to draw. Create a drawing inspired by Julia Mehretu.
  • Session 12 – Create a painting without using a brush.  Using different tools/objects from around the home. You choose your own source/subject or I can provide a suggestion.

Week 7 – Looking at 20th Century art.

  • Session 13 – Draw with scissors. Make a collage work based on Matisse.
  • Session 14 – Pointillism. Using dots, and small brush marks create a work inspired by Seurat.

Week 8 – Making your own picture Frame.

  • Session 15 – Using carboard and pasta we will make a posh looking frame for our favourite piece of artwork – cutting, assembling, and gluing.
  • Session 16 – Finish your frame with paint, using the dry brush method, and mounting your work.

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