Meet the Team

Jenna Zunder is our Artistic Director and in charge of all things design. If you want a logo, flyer, business card or graphic design type thing, she’s your gal, well in-between uni term times that is.

Gary Todd our General Manager keeps the place ship shape and Hull fashion. If it fell off in the week, it gets put back up on Saturday by                                                           this fine figure of a man. 🙂

Prudence Todd, Founder and Director of Traenerhus, all round pinny maker and chatty bean. After 5 years developing the local Co-op ‘Judy’s Attic’ Pru has links with makers far and wide and plans for Traenerhus to become a thriving hub of learning and sharing for the local craft and art communities in Hull.

Now, if you haven’t met Debbie Robinson you haven’t lived. Debbie (who is really the boss but Shhhh!) is a paper cutter extraordinaire, rather good at crochet, not very bossy at all, and makes sure everything runs smoothly and tickety boo. You will find her mostly on the Mezz.

Nadine Storrer keeps all our record keeping, systems, cataloguing and photo albums up to date. Where would our Social Media, email lists and records be without Nadine? Trust me up that creek without a paddle, going nowhere fast. Hooray for teamwork that’s all I’m saying 😉 Here she is posing with some cute guy..