Meet The Makers 1 – Joanna of All’s Fair

Meet Our Makers… Joanna Pollard of All’s Fair.

As part of our Lockdown Series we decided to have a chat with some of our creatives and let you know what they said…. Here’s our first post from our Joanna who is our Fairtrade dudette. You’ll recognise her lovely stuff from our shop and she’s online here so you can still get fab gifts from family and friends.

What does Traenerhus mean to you?

It’s a great place to learn a new craft and the gift shop is a little treasure trove – so many talented makers. I supply the fair trade gifts and it’s a lovely place to meet people who value the story behind products. Fair trade is at the heart of Traenerhus with its ethos of trying to support people who wouldn’t otherwise get to meet people and try new things.

We do try Joanna…and everyone we do meet brings something new and special to the mix. It’s been a blast for the last 3 years, here’s to the next 3!

What’s your favourite craft?

I learnt to crochet at Traenerhus a couple of years ago and if you’ll pardon the pun, I’m hooked! I particularly enjoy making toys using the amigurumi method but I’ve also made clothes and decorative items. I’ve started my first large blanket to help get me through lockdown.

OMG Crochet. ‘Nuff said …

Who inspires you?

Anita Roddick showed that you can run a successful business and have a positive effect on the planet and people in low income countries. I love that when she died she bequeathed her shares in Divine chocolate to the Ghanaian cocoa farmers who now own 44% of the company. She showed me that if you can use your life to lift and support others you should.

That’s great and truly inspirational. Hopefully that’s what Traenerhus brings too JP…

What have you always wanted to learn or do?

My Mum was a dressmaker but I’ve always been a bit scared of sewing machines so I’m in awe of people who make their own clothes, but what I’ve always wanted to do is visit fair trade projects around the world. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to visit producers in Thailand and Sri Lanka but I would love to see more.

Here’s one for you Carol! Get behind that sewing machine Joanna, you’ll never look back.

Where would you rather be right now?

Costa Rica. I’ve never been, but I have visited Mexico and Peru and Latin America fascinates me. Costa Rica in particular has taken a very strong line in banning single use plastics, abolishing its armed services and promoting eco-tourism. As a result it’s one of the most equal and prosperous countries in the world, with a great rainforest on its doorstep. I’d be there with my binoculars watching birds and supporting Fairtrade banana farmers

Nice! Hasta luego baby….

What’s the best thing about Hull?

Someone once told me Hull is the biggest village in England and I think it’s true. There’s a real community feel that you don’t get in bigger cities. I volunteer as Co-ordinator of Fairtrade Yorkshire and to celebrate the 25th birthday of the Fairtrade mark I organised a big event with 200 volunteers. It wouldn’t have worked anywhere but Hull – there was so much enthusiasm from the Absolutely Cultured volunteers and I loved working with them.

I confess I did not make a single hat to contribute …but lot’s of our guys did so I will bathe in their reflected glory J

Describe your ideal day

Starting with a lie-in with my partner, listening to Radio 4, we go for lunch at one of our favourite cafes before spending the early part of the afternoon in a museum or gallery. Then we might go to the cinema before heading home, cooking tea together while watching Pointless. I might pick up my crochet while my partner does a jigsaw and we both watch Bake Off or Sewing Bee.  

Now that’s the way to start the perfect day! Ooh plus croissant and coffee!

What’s your favourite baked goods?

I love to bake cakes – but not too sweet. I don’t like too much icing so I’d go for a traditional Yorkshire parkin. Spicy ginger, sticky and moreish.

Ooh that sounds like the best cake ever Joanna…just off for some flour  J