Play with Clay the Air-Dry Way

Tuesday & Fridays 10am – 12pm

Starts 26th Jan 2021

With Rebecca Addinell

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This is an eight-week course exploring some of the amazing things you can do with air dry clay whilst you play.

Do you remember building sandcastles on the beach or wearing your favourite wellies and making mud pies in a rainy playground, building, and creating with your hands?                                                     

I may not be able to give you sea and sun or promise you will not get wet, but you will have fun unleashing your creativity on a very forgiving medium.

Making with clay reduces negative moods and anxiety, improves focus, and reduces stress as well as being a lot of fun.

All clay and equipment are provided, the only things you will need are a suitable surface to work on, a table, countertop or even a tray on your knee. A cup of water, to be used with a sponge to smooth your clay, and an apron if desired. Wellies are optional.

Each week will introduce you to different ways to use clay. During the first of two sessions I will demonstrate how to make an item in clay, as the clay needs 24 hrs to dry, the second session will be used to refine, decorate, and discuss your love for this thoroughly therapeutic craft.

Play with Clay.

Week one

Pinch pots and small bowls

Making a pinch pot or small bowl and creating an original trinket dish or small plant pot.

Using paints and pens to create unique designs.

Week Two

Tokens and tags.

Using cutters, stamps and your own hand made moulds, create tags for decorating gifts, embellishments for cards or a token of love.  

Use your tokens and tags along with your paints to create and embellish a greeting card.

Week Three

Natural Impressions

Create a decorative plaque or a couple of coasters, using plant material or stamps to make impressions in the clay.

Add colour and seal your plaque using PVA glue.

Week Four

3D Flowers

Replicating nature, build a 3D flower with clay and wire. Will you try an elegant Poppy, a happy Daisy or romantic Rose?

Colour your flower then seal.

Week Five

Beads and Charms

Like making tags, we will use cutters and stamps to make charms along with beads to be used to make jewellery or as embellishment for other craft.

Decoration and making a simple bead necklace.

Week Six

Rainbow Magnet

Without a little rain we would never have a rainbow. Hand form your own little colourful rainbow into a bag charm or magnet.

Add colour to your rainbow and seal. Demo on how to attach your magnet or key ring.

Week Seven

Plant Buddies or Photo holder

Using wire and clay to form a little bird or animal that will happily sit in a plant pot or create a base, plant, animal or even a mountain range to hold your favourite.

Decorate and seal your clay creation.

Week Eight

Fairy Door or Play with the clay

Using the skills, you have gathered over the weeks to make your very own fairy door, Build, carve, stamp, texture and embellish.                                  Alternatively, be free with the clay, make more of what you have done before or create something amazing and unique to you. Play with the clay!

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